Patrick Conley, HIS, Hearing Instrument

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Patrick grew up and went to high school in Princeville, Illinois. He continued on and graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University. Patrick was a teacher and a coach at Peoria Notre Dame High School for fifteen years. He has spent time in the service industry for more than thirty years. He enjoys working with people and finds that it is always the people he works with that make all the difference.

Patrick began working at Audibel in Peoria, in August of 2016. He then transferred to the Kewanee office in January, 2017 to service patients there. Patrick is currently enjoying his experiences with patients in Kewanee and looks forward to creating long relationships with his patients for many years to come.

“My passion for helping people and my background in education, has created a great fit for my place as a Hearing Instrument Specialist in this industry. I enjoy speaking with people about hearing health and find immense joy in helping people gain better hearing. Working with our patients and interacting with them and their families is by far the best part of my job!” -Patrick Conley