Thrive App

You’re in control with the Thrive app. Tailor your hearing aid experience with your smartphone and the Thrive app, which allows you to easily adjust settings, create personal memory settings, stream calls directly to your hearing aids, and more. Plus, enjoy additional features and functionality available only through the Thrive app.  

Ready to get more out of your hearing aids? Let’s get started. 

Thrive App Features

Thanks to advancements in technology and AI, today’s hearing aids can do significantly more than yesterday’s counterparts. However, with the Thrive app, your hearing aids can do even more. Check out just some of the amazing features you can get through the Thrive app. 

Enriched hearing aid performance 

Specialized settings 

Additional settings like Edge Mode and Mask Mode analyze your environment to make smart, immediate adjustments that optimize sound quality on-demand for either clearer speech or improved listening comfort or to help you hear those wearing face masks. 

Speech enhancement

AI powered IntelliVoice improves speech audibility by focusing on the sounds you want to hear (voices) and muffling the noises you don’t. 

Stream phone calls to your hearing aids

Answer calls with the Thrive app and stream conversations directly to your hearing aids for superior clarity and a seamless listening experience. 

Personalized memories

Create custom memories based on specific sound environments (restaurants, the gym, home, etc.) and even geotag them to locations. Geotagged memories will activate automatically when you next visit that location.  

Remote control adjustments

Change your hearing aid volume, adjust settings, switch memories and more right from your smartphone screen. 

Smart power-saving settings

Effortlessly maximize battery power with auto On/Off. Simply set your hearing aids on a flat, stable surface for 15 minutes to activate low-power mode.  

Healthable technology 

Activity, engagement and health tracking

Track your steps, exercise activity, and hearing aid usage to get a better understanding and insights into your overall health. Plus, track your progress over time to identify healthy habits and areas for improvement. 

Fall detection and alert

Automatically detect serious falls and notify selected contacts like family, friends or emergency authorities immediately. 

TeleHear connectivity

Consult your personal hearing professional virtually with live video chat appointments. Make remote adjustments to your devices based on your hearing needs. 

Or send your provider a quick help request with the “Hearing Care Anywhere” feature. Submit a new help request to diagnose and address minor hearing aid usability issues. 

Intelligent assistance 

Thrive assistant

The Thrive assistant is like Siri or Alexa for your hearing aids. Troubleshoot common issues. Ask questions. Schedule reminders for appointments, medication, and other tasks. 


Perform quick diagnostic checks on the individual components of your hearing aids. Identify and troubleshoot common problems. 

Find my hearing aids or phone

Locate your lost or misplaced hearing aids with the “Find My Hearing Aids”. It shows you the exact address of your devices and helps you pinpoint their location. 

Similarly, use the Thrive app to locate your lost or misplaced phone. 

Transcribe audio

Record conversations textually for later. Read, save and send important conversations with ease. 

Real-time language translation

Communicate effortlessly with others without worrying about language barriers. The Thrive app can translate foreign languages detected by your hearing aids, so you don’t miss a beat. 

Getting Setup with Thrive 

Take full control of your hearing aids and get the most out of your hearing experience with the Thrive app. 

Is your smartphone compatible? 

Not sure if your smartphone is compatible? We have a QR code for that! Simply take a picture of the QR code below with your smartphone and follow the link. You’ll instantly be notified whether your smartphone is compatible with the Thrive app. 

*Phones of the same model can vary from country to country and may impact compatibility in some countries.

How to create a Thrive account 

Creating an account for the Thrive app is easy. Simply link your Google, Apple or Facebook account at sign in when prompted. Otherwise, you can use a valid email address to create a new account. Not sure how to link your account or create a new one? Follow the video guides below for step-by-step instructions. 

Sign in with Apple

Sign in with Google

Sign in with Facebook

Create a new account

Get familiar with the Thrive app, its features and functions 

There’s so much you can do with the touch of a button and the Thrive app. You can do almost everything from adjusting your hearing aid settings to translating foreign languages to tracking your steps. In fact, it can get downright overwhelming. To help you navigate our app’s extensive suite of features and functions, we’ve created a library of video guides. Check them out to familiarize yourself with some of Thrive’s many features. 

Mask mode

Personalized memories

Fall detection

Realtime Translation


Remote control features

Thrive assistant

“Find My Hearing Aid”

Receiving phone calls

Auto on/off feature

“Hearing Care Anywhere”

Setting reminders

Adjust settings

Health tracking

Realtime transcription